Treacle Selection

Classic treacle based puddings with a twist. Taking the traditional pudding to a new level with toppings and fillings such as crushed ginger and apricots.

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Treacle Tart

A typical sticky pudding finished with pastry latticing.
14 portions.

Pecan Treacle Tart

Our Fabulous treacle tart topped with pecan nuts.
14 portions.

Treacle Orange Tart

The old nursery dessert with difference! Sweet and Sticky with fresh marmalade added.
14 portions.

Treacle Lemon Tart

If you like your treacle tart a little tangy, this is one for you.
14 portions.

Ginger Treacle Tart

Crushed ginger takes the traditional treacle tart to the next level.
14 portions.

Toffee Apple Treacle Tart

Treacle mixture and Bramley apples topped with a lattice of toffee
14 portions.