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White Chocolate & Strawberry Tart

Smooth white chocolate, cream and crème fraiche combined beautifully with a layer of fresh strawberries & chopped chocolate brownie.

White Rocky Road 
Malteasers and marshmellows are folded into a wonderful white chocolate mixture. Decorated with marshmallows and malteasers.


Chocolate Pecan Pie 
A wonderful combination of chocolate and pecan nuts.
A very rich dessert indeed.


Rocky Road 
Brownies and marshmallows are folded into a wonderful chocolate mixture. Decorated with marshmallows & drizzled with chocolate.


White Chocolate Mud Pie 
White chocolate version of the traditional mud pie. Absolutely scrumptious.


Mud Pie
A luscious American chocolate dessert.  The rich, yet wonderfully light chocolate cream is set on a crunchy chocolate base.  A real American dream.


White Chocolate and Raspberry Tart
Smooth white chocolate, cream and creme fraiche blended together on a layer of raspberries and chocolate brownies.


Daim Bar Chocolate Pie 
Chocolate and toffee filling set on a ginger biscuit base decorated with chunks of Daim bar and white and dark Belgian chocolate.


White Chocolate Devil Cake 
Imagine our moist chocolate cakle enrobed with a white chocolate and cream cheese frosting, with a hint of orange.


Mud Pie Duo
A layer of dark mud pie, topped with a layer of white mud pie decorated with Rossini biscuits.


Chocolate and Orange Tart
A moist chocolate and orange tart.

Chocolate Fudge Cake
For those who need a slightly more British finish, our chocolate fudge cake is perfect. Served beautiful, warm.
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Baking since 1986

As a small local company, we pride ourselves on passion, quality and authenticity in all the products we create. Established in 1986 producing high quality, hand made desserts for the catering trade. All our products are made fresh to order. They are made on our premises with the best ingredients, i.e. fresh cream, butter, genuine liqueur, Belgian chocolate and fresh fruit (as available).

Fresh to you, direct

We deliver to a large area of the South West of England. All our products are delivered in chilled transit with the finest care and attention. To order and/or see our delivery information - please click here.

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